Skipness Gourmet Hamper


1 x Side Scottish Hot Smoked Salmon or 1 x Unsliced Side Scottish Smoked Salmon
1 x 400g Scottish Smoked Salmon or 1 x 400g Hot Smoked Salmon
1 x Pair of Loch Fyne Kippers
1 x Pack of Smoked Mackerel
1 x 200g Smoked Salmon Pate
1 x 200g Smoked Mackarel Pate
1 x 200g Smoked Duck
Wooleys Arran Oaties and Oatcakes
Choice of Cheddar Cheeses from Arran Cheese Shop
Choice of Chocolates
1 x Large Wicker Hamper


Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle of Cote du Rhone
Arran Whisky Miniatures
Bottle of Champagne