We exclusively buy our salmon, and have for many years, from this small
independent Scottish owned company, established in 1999 and renowned
for its quality and husbandry

What you might like to know is …………


Genetics: With their decades-old broodstock programme, they proudly farm their own strain of Scottish Atlantic Salmon. The fish’s lineage can be traced back to the wild fish still inhabiting Scottish waters, and scientific testing confirms that their salmon is genetically indistinguishable from wild salmon. This makes Loch Duart Salmon the closest to wild salmon available in the market. As a result, their salmon offers a more authentic taste and a firmer texture, reminiscent of how salmon used to be. Furthermore, our Loch Duart strain exhibits remarkable resilience to environmental changes, setting them apart from standard farmed salmon. Unlike other producers who use generic industry eggs from Nordic origin, bred for rapid weight gain and higher fat content, they are committed to farming 100% Loch Duart genetics ensuring 100% Scottish salmon.


Pioneering Fish Welfare: At Loch Duart, they prioritise quality over quantity by rearing fewer fish at a very small scale with low stocking densities (up to 99% water to 1% fish). Their all-natural approach to salmon farming means they do not use antibiotics or harmful chemicals. Instead, they rely on nature’s support, incorporating cleaner fish, freshwater treatments, and water oxygenation to create a healthier environment for our salmon. Unlike larger producers, they are committed to using only these natural methods on all their farms, avoiding chemical and mechanical treatments.


Sustainable & Traceable Feed: Loch Duart have recently designed a unique salmon feed along with Biomar. High in marine content, it is believe this feed replicates the salmon’s diet as close as possible and optimises fish health. The ingredients come from sustainable and traceable sources and is generally derived from bi-products of typically herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines, high in omega 3 oils.


What are Loch Duart’s standards on Sea Lice? Loch Duart are the only salmon farm in Scotland to use Wrasse on 100% of their farms. This is a total commitment to natural methods as opposed to chemical or mechanical lice controls that are common throughout the industry.


The Last remaining independent Scottish salmon farm: Committed to animal welfare over profit, their non-multinational, independently owned farm reinvests all earnings to enhance their business and improve welfare and environmental standards. By choosing Loch Duart salmon, you support over 160 jobs in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands and contribute to the rural regional economy.


Ikejime Quality Approved: Loch Duart were the first salmon farm in the world and remain the only Scottish Ikejime approved salmon farm. Ikejime is a set of Japanese techniques used to humanely harvest the fish quickly whilst preserving the natural eating qualities of the fish.